Vibration Isolation Tables

February 13, 2018

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Vibration Isolation Tables (VIT) used for analytical probing applications are available from a few different suppliers, and they are  manufactured in several sizes and shapes. Links to the major suppliers are listed at the bottom of this blog.

Vibration isolation tables are primarily used to isolate the probe system and device under test (DUT) from low frequency mechanical vibrations. They are typically required when you notice:

  • The image in the microscope or monitor is moving.
  • When you can’t place the probe on the pad or line or keep it there.
  • When you see excessive, elongated and deep probe marks
  • When you can’t make consistent electrical measurements.

Mechanical vibrations can come from a number of sources - lab located next to the aire compressor or boiler room, located on a second or higher floor, located next to a busy highway, construction site, etc. 

Vibration isolation tables are available with passive and active isolation. Most probing applications use passive isolation. Each leg has an air isolator in it and when floated provides passive vertical and horizontal vibration isolation at low frequencies (1 Hz to 10 Hz).

To float the table top about 80 PSI of air or nitrogen is required. A regulator allows you to monitor the air pressure. There are self-leveling table height control valves that allow you to level the table top (length and width).

Most tables are provided with casters to make it easy to move the table into place. When in place leveling feet are lowered to make contact with the floor. The casters are then retracted.

There are quite a few accessories available that can initially be ordered or added at a later date. Common accessories include keyboard/mouse and monitor stands; shelves – bottom, side, sliding and overhead; arm rests; perimeter structures, power strips and more.

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Vibration Isolation Table Manufacturers:

Ametek – www.

Thorlabs –

Newport –

Kinetic Systems –

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