Success Story – Device Characterization Wafer Prober LA-100 - Canada

November 03, 2021

Customer Requirements:

  • VentureLAB, a Canadian company located in Markham ON, started a new Hardware Initiative Lab to provide multiple measurement capabilities to Canadian companies, start-ups to large companies. They wanted a modular, flexible, and small footprint probe system that could easily be moved to and placed on workbenches in the lab next to the test instrumentation. They also wanted the ability to have the probe system mounted on a vibration isolation table and the test instrumentation moved to the VIT location. The probe system would primarily be used to test packaged parts, die, and small wafers and interfaced to a variety of test instrumentation.

VentureLab Device Characterization Project

SemiProbe Device Characterization Solution for VentureLAB:

Key System Components:

  • SemiProbe Lab Assistant LA-100 DC manual probe system consisting of: o Vibration Isolation Table (VIT) with casters and leveling feet
  • Manual Wafer Stage with coarse and fine X,Y,Z, and theta movement
  • Platen with magnetic skin, removable front-wedge, and platen lift
  • 100 mm wafer chuck (non-thermal) – with concentric vacuum rings to hold die, partial wafers, and whole wafers up to 100 mm (4”)
  • Manipulators – four (4) manual MA-8005 with coaxial and triaxial probe arms
  • Microscope Post with microscope movement – coaxial and linear 100 mm X & Y travel
  • Stereo Zoom Optics
  • CCTV System – color camera, 24” color monitor, and monitor stand
  • Vacuum and Pressure Pumps - small footprint and quiet

Device Characterization VentureLabVentureLab Device Characterization Lab with SemiProbe probe systems and several different types of test instrumentation


Device Characterization Wafer Probe StationSemiProbe LA-100 Lab Assistant Wafer Probe Station configured for Device Characterization of wafers and packaged parts - DC and High Frequency


Device Characterization Adjustable Packaged Part Holder

Adjustable Packaged Part Holder

micro-positioner with coaxial probe arm used for Device Characterization

MA-8005 manual micro-positioner with coaxial probe arm used for Device Characterization Device Characterization-?


Device Characterization Vacuum Wafer Chuck

LA-100 probe system accessories used for Device Characterization -  vacuum chuck and vacuum pump


Device Characterization Vibration Isolation Table

Accessory - vibration isolation table with casters and leveling feet used with the LA-100 probe system  

Device Characterization Air Compressor

Accessory - Air compressor, small footprint and quiet and used to float the vibration isolation table

Device Characterization Triaxial Probe Arm

Accessory - triaxial probe arm used for low leakage Device Characterization applications



Keithley Semiconductor Device Characterization Handbook


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