Success Story - Bournes Automotive Sensor Testing System for Failure Analysis

August 28, 2018

Success Story-Mexico & USA

Customer:  Bourns De Mexico -

Automotive Sensor Test Probe System

Products Manufactured:  The Bourns Automotive Division has played a leading role in the design, development and manufacture of potentiometric sensors since 1949. They develop and design an extensive range of customized automotive position, speed and torque sensors. These products are manufactured in Ajka/Hungary, Chihuahua & Tijuana/Mexico and Xiamen/China.

Requirements:  A manual probing system to perform failure analysis work on packaged parts.

SemiProbe Solution: A probe System for Life (PS4L) 150 mm manual probe system with the following features:

  • A manual 150 mm wafer stage with X,Y, Z and theta movements
  • A 150 mm wafer chuck
  • A packaged part holder
  • A stereo zoom  microscope with 7x – 90 x magnification, 10x eyepieces, a trinocular head and an LED ring light
  • A camera adapter, CCTV camera, 15” monitor and a monitor stand
  • A thermal stage with a temperature range from 25C to 150C  that was specifically designed for packaged parts and individual die
  • Three (3) MA-8000 manipulators with coaxial probe arms and magnetic bases
  • Vibration Isolation Table

Comments:   This configuration provided Bourns a lot of flexibility. They test wafers, individual die and a variety of packaged parts that could be tested in a DUT board using the packaged part holder.

Bourns is a repeat customer. Based upon the accuracy, reliability and ease of use they have purchased automotive sensor probe systems for  installations at the Janesville Wisconsin and Tijuana Mexico facilities.

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Author: Denis Place

Denis Place is one of the founders of SemiProbe and has more than 35 years of experience working in the international semiconductor industry. He has degrees in electrical engineering and business management. Place is in a unique position, because he personally used and worked with probing systems for many years before starting his own semiconductor probing company.
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