Success Story - Semiautomatic Vacuum Probing System- MEMS - China

November 01, 2018

Success Story – Vacuum Prober – China

Customer Requirements:

• Semiautomatic vacuum probing system for testing MEMS wafers – Gyroscopes, Microbolometers
• Had to be able to mount blackbodies and a Polytec MSA-500 Vibrometer and interface with a Keithley 4200 parametric analyzer
• The system had to handle 100 mm, 150 mm and 200 mm wafers and operate automatically in a vacuum environment to 15x10-4 Torr
• Programmable manipulators with DC and High Frequency probe tips and probe cards with up to 24 connections
SemiProbe Solution:

SemiProbe Solution:

MEMS Semiautomatic Vacuum Prober

Key System Components:
• Vibration Isolation Table (VIT)
• Vacuum Chamber with front-loading wafer capabilities and removable top
• 200 mm wafer stage with programmable X, Y, Z and theta stage
• Thermal chuck that operates from -60 C to 200 C
• Mechanical wafer clamping with carrier plates to handle 100 mm, 150 mm and 200 mm wafers
• Large travel microscope movement with Zoom Tube optics, CCTV system and mounts for blackbodies and MSA-500 vibrometer
• Three (3) programmable three (3) axis manipulators with customized probe arms – DC & HF
• Probe Card Holder (PCH)
• Software – PILOT Suite (Pilot, Wafer Map, Auto-Align)
• Turbo Molecular Vacuum Pump with Dual Channel Throttle Valve Controller

System Summary:
The probe system can be operated in manual and semiautomatic modes. It can be controlled locally or remotely.
MEMS Motion AnalizerVacuum Chamber for MEMS Vacuum Prober       Probe Card Cable Interface Kit for MEMS Semiautomatic Vacuum Prober 



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