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MEMS Manual Wafer Prober

June 25, 2019

Customer Requirements:

The customer wanted to test 200 mm silicon MEMS wafers using a manual probe system integrated with a Polytec MSA-500 MEMS Motion Analyzer. The motion analyzer would measure a variety of MEMS devices while in-plane and out-of-plane. The wafer chuck would need to be tilted in a variety of directions. The devices would be contacted with a probe card as well as individual manipulators with coaxial probe arms and DC probe needles.

MEMS 1-1


200 mm Manual Probe System integrated with a Polytec MSA-500 Motion Analyzer

  • M-8 – 200 mm manual probe system
    • 200 mm of X,Y, Z and theta stage
    • Rapid Align Stage provides both coarse and fine stage movement
    • Vibration Isolation Table
  • 200 mm wafer chuck (non-thermal) with X and Y in-plane and out-of-plane adjustability for the MSA-500
  • Compound Microscope Bridge
  • Compound Microscope Movement – 50 mm of X and Y with pneumatic microscope lift (MSA 500)
  • Six (6) manual three axis manipulators with coaxial probe arms, cables and DC probes and a probe card holder

mems 2-1

mems 21

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