The Probe System for Life Family

May 08, 2018

The PS4L family of wafer probing systems is based on SemiProbe’s patented Adaptive Architecture. Unlike traditional probe systems, all foundation modules – bases, stages, chucks, microscope mounts, microscope movements, optics, manipulators and more - are interchangeable and configurable. The PS4L Adaptive Architecture ensures an optimal test configuration for almost any test type. All test elements, including environment and instrumentation interfaces, can be individually configured to deliver the highest possible performance.

This innovative modular design enables users to implement test capabilities that precisely match their specific requirements – now and in the future. As the environment or test conditions change, the PS4L can be rapidly transformed in the field to meet these new requirements. Changes in wafer size, levels of automation, or test requirements do not translate into new equipment requirements, substantially reducing acquisition and training costs and time. With SemiProbe’s Adaptive Architecture, PS4L users realize substantial time and cost savings over traditional probe systems.

All SemiProbe semiautomatic and fully automatic systems operate on the powerful PILOT control application suite, designed employing SemiProbe’s Adaptive Architecture. PILOT is modular, intuitive and easy to learn. PILOT’s powerful object-oriented software enables users to integrate the probe system quickly and easily with a broad array of test instrumentation. Drivers for most types of test instrumentation are readily available and new interfaces can be easily added.

A complete line of accessories is available for the PS4L family including thermal chucks, probe card holders, manipulators, probe arms and bases, probe tips, laser cutters, optics, CCTV systems, vibration isolation tables, dark boxes and much more.

Probe System for Life (PS4L) Systems



 Manual Systems Size Datasheet
M-4 100 mm (4") M-4 Datasheet
M-6 150 mm (6") M-6 Datasheet
M-8 200 mm (8") M-8 Datasheet
M-12 300 mm (12") M-12 Datasheet


Semiautomatic Systems Size Datasheet 
SA-4 100 mm (4") SA-4 Datasheet
SA-6 150 mm (6") SA-6 Datasheet
SA-8 200 mm (8") SA-8 Datasheet
SA-12 300 mm (12") SA-12 Datasheet


Fully Automatic Systems Size Datasheet
FA-4 100 mm (4") FA-4 Datasheet
FA-6 150 mm (6") FA-6 Datasheet
FA-8 200 mm (8") FA-8 Datasheet
FA-12 300 mm (12") FA-12 Datasheet


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Topics: Semi-Automatic Systems, Fully Automatic Systems, Manual Systems, Educational Topics

Author: Shawn Place

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