Success Story - Double - Sided Optoelectronics Wafer Test System

May 13, 2019
The customer wanted a manual double-sided probing (DSP) system to test silicon photonic chips and wafers using probe cards and manipulators. The top side of the device would be biased and the backside of the device had a light output that was captured by a detector. The detector was mounted on a manual X,Y, Z and theta stage. The devices tested had a variety of dimensions so a universal mechanically clamping chip carrier was designed to hold the devices. Carriers for different size wafers were also required

Double - Sided Optoelectronics Wafer Test SystemManual 150 mm Probe System

  • 150 mm manual X,Y,Z and theta stage
  • Vibration Isolation Table
  • Yoke Assembly with individual and removable carriers for wafers and individual die
  • Probe Card Holder (PCH) with coarse and fine theta adjust
  • Manipulators with DC probe arms, cables and probe tips
  • Optical Detector mounted to a manual manipulator with X,Y,Z and theta movement
  • Stereozoom Optics with CCTV System


Double - Sided Optoelectronics Wafer Test System

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