The Lab Assistant Probe System Family

May 04, 2018

Lab Assistants are small footprint manual probe systems with probing capabilities ranging from individual die to 200 mm wafers or substrates.

The SemiProbe Lab Assistant family of probe systems is specifically designed to address the requirements of Universities and research personnel - simplicity and ease of operation, portability, affordability and modularity. The Lab Assistant provides features and options for both Device Characterization (DC) and High Frequency (HF)/Microwave testing that are typically only available in much more expensive systems. . Numerous accessories are available to enhance the system functionality such as multiple stages, chucks including thermal chucks, optics, manipulators, probe tips, vibration isolation tables,dark boxes and more.



Lab Assistant Advantages

  1. Small Footprint & Weight
    1. Size – 420 mm x 540 mm x 535 mm (17” x 21” x 21”)
    2. Fits on a desk, small work bench, inside a small dark box, inside a glove box
    3. Weight – 32 kg (70 lbs)
  2. Basic Research System – DC & HF versions available – 50 mm to 200 mm
    1. Simple and robust design – ideal for Universities and Corporations performing basic research
    2. Interchangeable stages - wafer stage easily removed and replaced with  thermal stage or packaged part holder.  Stage provides both coarse and fine movement.  Fine movement is 25 mm of X and Y and 20 mm of Z.  In addition course and fine theta is also provided.
    3. Upgrade path - vacuum & thermal chuck, optics, manipulators, dark box, vibration isolation table, laser cutter and more.
  3. Typical Configuration
    1. Consists of the base with vibration isolation feet, coarse and fine wafer stage, wafer chuck, platen posts and platen with lift, microscope post, 100 mm x 100 mm coaxial microscope movement, microscope adapter, stereozoom optics, LED ring light, two complete manipulators (MA-8005 or MA-8000)

LA CompoundLA Glove BoxLA Dark BoxLA zoom tube

Below are the sizes and Datasheets on The SemiProbe Lab Assistant Family:


Name Size Link
LA-50 DC 50 mm (2")  LA-50 DC Datasheet
 LA-100 DC  100 mm (4")  LA-100 DC Datasheet
LA-100 HF  100 mm (4")   LA-100 HF Datasheet
LA-150 DC   150 mm (6")  LA-150 DC Datasheet
 LA-150 HF 150 mm (6") LA-150 HF Datasheet 
LA-200 DC  200 mm (8")  LA-200 DC Datasheet 
 LA-200 HF 200 mm (8')  LA-200 HF Datasheet 


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Topics: Manual Systems, Educational Topics

Author: Shawn Place

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